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Reliance Jio has released an exclusive Jio browser for Android users as one of the fastest growing Browser.It is mentioned that india’s first browser is running in eight languages including Tamil Last September 2016, the reliance industries group’s jio infocom in the indian telecom market led by 4G network,is currently the third largest indian telecom company in the indian market ... Read More »

The great Indian Sale Started By Amazon.Discount up to Rs.10000/-

The Amazon company has been selling online goods in India and the majority of people buy this company.Amazon increases sales of customers annually by offering offers to customers.In this case, the Great Indian Express announced today that the discounted discount for electronic goods up to ten thousand rupees will be available from 21st to 23rd this month.Amazon great Indian sale ... Read More »

Who sends signal from space?

It is true that occasional mysterious signals are available from remote zones in outer space.They are known as Fast Radio Burst or FRB.These radio explosions are just as fast as the name, and then the Earth’s space telescope becomes visible only for a few people, then they disappear.How have astronomers explored the spacecraft over the past decade and found that ... Read More »

Do do you use Whatsapp?

From the ordinary man to the technology giants all today is an easy-to-use message because it’s Whatsapp. Facebook has launched a new service daily for its customers since purchasing the Whatsapp Operator.In addition, Whatsapp leads the entirety of video, files,photos to share everything else with others.There are some cool tips that you do not know about such whatspp1.2 whatsapp on ... Read More »

The next action of Minister Chengottiyan

Minister Chengottiyan said that next year will be given a laptop for 80 thousand teachers working in schools.Erode’s next flattening area Government School’s Golden Vela School Minister Chengottiyan spoke:80 thousand teachers working in high school will be provided with computers.1.80 lakh people who have studied in engineering college in Tamil Nadu, as well as 80 lakh people in India will ... Read More »

Amazing medical benefits of Coriander ?

Coriander contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin A ,C and K. Adding some of the essentials to health is to increase your health.Vitamin C is rich in vitamin C. It may give your body 30% of vitamin C necessary to treat pustules in your skin. Increases the immunity of your immune system. Coriander helps to reduce LDL bad cholesterol ... Read More »

It is true that broccoli will prevent the colon cancer

100 grams of nutrients in the broccoli help the body health. Every time 2 to 3 times a week for diet can increase cancer resistance by increasing the resistance to the body.Vitamin A,Vitamin C in a heart attack broccoli in a heart attack that is very similar to cancer in the present environment has also caused a heart attack to ... Read More »

Benefits of eating mushrooms with various nutrients

The mushroom selenium is rich in chemical molecules.These selenium levels increase in the body of mushrooms to increase the bone stability of the body and Teeth helps to grow hair.The best food mushrooms for the blood sufferers are the period of iron. It contains iron rich nutrients in our body that easily accelerates the production of red blood cells in ... Read More »

The job camp is going on tomorrow

Workshop is conducted on behalf of the Government of Tamilnadu Government Employees of Employment and Employment Department of Government of Tamil Nadu not only provides job opportunities in private companies. The camp is conducted weekly through District Employment Office.The camp personnel to choose the companies that want e-mail list, send Accordingly Chennai Guindy in employment commissioner campus tomorrow’s Employment ... Read More »

Work for a 10th standard

Sivagangai District Employment Officer told:Private company will participate in the Sivagangai District Job Officer at 10 am tomorrow and will be able to select the first graduate and ITI diploma staffed in the 10th grade and will be able to take advantage of their academic Family Card, Identification Card, Aadhaar Card. Read More »

Collapsed sale is the price of the Iphone at least

Apple has announced that it will reduce the price of iPhones because of low sales and lack of wear.The company has announced that it will reduce the Price of iphone XR, iphone XS, iphone XS MAX, iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus in China and there are many offers and other offers that Apple has been receiving to this conclusion.The ... Read More »

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